SPCL 395 is a one credit hour course for graduating seniors who find that they are one academic credit hour short of meeting minimum requirements for graduation at the end of their current term. SPCL 395 may not be used to lessen a student’s academic load or replace another course. SPCL 395 adds an additional hour of Pass/Fail credit to a course in which you are currently enrolled. This can occur only if the instructor agrees to administer additional academic assignments, equivalent to one additional credit hour, within the course framework. The instructor also must agree to guide and evaluate your work and submit your grade (PS or F) before the end of the exam period.

To apply for SPCL 395, you must complete an application outlining a work plan for the additional credit hour. The work plan needs to be agreed upon by you and the course instructor; both of you must sign the form. The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Curricula must approve the application prior to registering you for SPCL 395.

If, after speaking with the graduation division in the Academic Advising Program, you learn that you are eligible for SPCL 395, a form may be picked up at the Office of Undergraduate Curricula on the third floor of Steele Building.