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SPCL 395 is a one credit hour course for graduating seniors who during their final semester, after all options for adding courses are exhausted, find that they are one academic credit hour short of meeting minimum requirements for graduation. SPCL 395 adds an additional hour of Pass/Fail credit to a course in which the student is currently enrolled. The course may not be used for advance planning, to lessen a student’s academic load, or replace another course. A student can only pursue SPCL 395 if the instructor agrees to administer additional academic assignments, equivalent to one additional credit hour, within the course framework. The instructor must also agree to guide and evaluate the student’s work and submit their grade (PS or F) before the end of the exam period.

To qualify for the SPCL 395 process, the student must meet with an academic advisor and the advisor must identify SPCL 395 as the only path forward for the student to obtain the final credit required to graduate.

Steps to Complete the Enrollment Process

  1. The advisor emails Ben Haven in the Office of Undergraduate Curricula with a referral.
  2. Ben Haven will follow up with the student to provide them with instructions to begin the process and the learning contract application.
  3. Working with the identified faculty member, the student must complete the SPCL 395 learning contract outlining a work plan for the additional credit hour. The work plan needs to be agreed upon by the student and the course instructor and both parties must sign the learning contract.
  4. The completed and signed contract is emailed to Ben Haven and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Curricula Meredith Petschauer.
  5. Once final approval is received from Associate Dean Petschauer, the Office of Undergraduate Curricula will send confirmation and enroll the student in SPCL 395.