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The services of an undergraduate student services manager (CAS SSM) are available upon request to units within the College of Arts and Sciences experiencing staff vacancies during critical scheduling and registration windows.

Who Can Request Assistance?

Departments in the College of Arts & Sciences that have a vacant undergraduate student services position or that require coverage due to a short-term unplanned staff absence (e.g. illness, family emergency) during a critical scheduling or registration window (see scenarios below).

Please note that the CAS SSM cannot fulfill long-term undergraduate student services needs. Departments looking to fill a long-term gap in coverage (e.g. FMLA, future retirement, longer-than-anticipated hiring window, etc.) should consider hiring a temporary staff member or cross-training current staff.

When to Request Assistance?

Assistance is available to departments during the following scheduling and registration windows for each semester. More information about these windows, including dates, is available online.

  • Course Schedule Maintenance (CSM)
  • Extended Course Schedule Maintenance (ECSM)
  • Open registration/enrollment

The following services can be requested during the above windows:

  • Setting up and modifying course sections in ConnectCarolina
  • Adding and modifying course instructors in ConnectCarolina
  • Adding and adjusting reserve capacities and consent flags in ConnectCarolina
  • Requesting room changes
  • Assistance enrolling students in classes (manual enrollment)
  • Helping departments collect and upload syllabi into the Online Syllabus Manager (OSM)
  • Helping participating departments navigate the Online Learning Contract Manager (OLCM)
  • Providing general assistance if department staff are unable to answer or route undergraduate student concerns to the appropriate campus unit

Please note that the CAS SSM is a back-end specialist with system access, and does not have the necessary expertise to advise faculty and students regarding unit-specific policies and procedures. This role cannot respond to requests to manage individual faculty waitlists or address individual instructor and student concerns. These types of queries should be directed to department staff (e.g. the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the department advisor). The CAS SSM is available to support department staff if they have trouble directing students to the appropriate campus office or process.

How to Request Assistance?

Departments should follow these steps when requesting assistance:

  1. Identify the project(s) and/or activity that requires assistance from the CAS SSM
  2. Identify a department contact (e.g. chair, associate chair, DUS, department manager) who will be the primary point person to work with the CAS SSM
  3. Submit the request along with information from items #1 and #2 to the email inbox.
  4. The Office of Undergraduate Curricula will respond as soon as possible. Departments may be asked to provide additional information to evaluate the request.

Assistance is available to departments lacking coverage during non-critical periods on a limited, case-by-case basis. Inquiries should be sent to the inbox. Thank you!