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You can earn credit for an internship in two ways:

  1. Through an academic unit at Carolina. If you wish to fulfill your experiential education (EE) Connections requirement by completing an internship, you must register for a course offered by an academic unit at Carolina. Many academic departments and curricula offer internship courses, usually for their majors. If you are interested in this option, be sure to plan ahead by checking with the relevant unit about available opportunities, deadlines, and the academic requirements for holding an internship. See the University Catalog for a list of academic units offering internship credit.
  2. Through Office of Undergraduate Curricula. If you have been offered an internship and your company is requiring you to earn credit to participate in the internship, you may be eligible for SPCL 493. Note that SPCL 493 is a one-credit, pass/fail course that does not count toward any graduation requirements. For instructions and deadlines for submitting a SPCL 493 application, which must be done before beginning the internship, please see the SPCL493 application form.