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Undergraduate Learning Assistants (ULAs) are undergraduate students who provide course support to their peers.  Usage of ULAs has the potential to benefit instructors, undergraduates engaged in these roles, and the undergraduate students ULAs are supporting.  At UNC-Chapel Hill, ULAs are used in departments across campus, both inside and outside of the classroom, in a variety of ways.  ULAs are most often used in lower-level courses.

A few ULA best practices:

  • Clearly defined ULA role as peer support
  • Training program and ongoing support
  • Pedagogy course requirement
  • Weekly prep meetings with course instructor
  • Clearly defined selection criteria and process
  • Supervision and accountability
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Clear compensation models

For more information and recommendations please review the report from the Subcommittee on Learning Assistants in the Classroom submitted to and approved by the College of Arts & Science’s Administrative Boards in September 2017.

2017-Undergraduate Learning Assistants-report

Models for Undergraduate Learning Assistants