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Student services managers’ (SSM) responsibilities vary, depending on the size and complexity of their academic units. Responsibilities can include, but are not limited to, the following: registering students in classes and troubleshooting enrollment issues (registrar role), scheduling classes in ConnectCarolina and Astra (class scheduling officer role), coordinating scheduling and registration programs with various central offices, submitting new and revised course requests (CIM), managing the Online Syllabus Manager (OSM) for their unit, selecting courses for evaluation (course evaluation coordinator), coordinating the graduation ceremony for their unit, collaborating with their faculty administrators to prepare class schedules/teaching assignments, and helping faculty to administer various elements of the undergraduate curriculum and programs in their unit.
The Student Services Academic Calendar is a detailed listing of important dates, deadlines, messages, and meetings that pertain to the student services role. Since student services responsibilities vary from academic unit to academic unit, the calendars are not comprehensive for every role, but they do include information that is relevant for all undergraduate student services managers.

Academic Calendar PDF

Academic Calendar Spreadsheet

The College of Arts and Sciences holds student services staff meetings three times per year, on the second Wednesday of February, June, and September, at 1:00pm. The presenters and topics vary. Agendas are sent to department/unit managers one week before the meeting.













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