If you took a course that did not fulfill a specific General Education requirement, but you feel it meets the criteria for that requirement, you may be eligible to submit a course petition.

Course petitions will be considered on a limited basis for transfer students, who may be behind in satisfying General Education and major requirements, and seniors, who may not have time to take the appropriate course before graduation. All other students are expected to plan ahead and complete their requirements without substitutions.

Requests must be for courses already taken or in which the student is currently enrolled. Petitions cannot be reviewed in advance of a student’s enrollment in the course. Students planning to graduate at the end of the term, and requesting that a course in which they are currently enrolled fulfill a General Education requirement, may submit a petition no earlier than the first day of classes for that term. Transfer students and seniors not graduating at the end of the term may submit a petition for a course in which they are currently enrolled no earlier than the eighth week of the semester.

Requests to substitute credits gained By Examination (BE credits) or through work and life experiences that do not carry UNC-Chapel Hill academic credit cannot be honored.

Course petitions are not appropriate for transfer credits, unless you believe that the transferred course should fulfill a General Education requirement. If you have questions about transfer credit counting toward your major or minor, please discuss such courses with the director of undergraduate studies in your major or minor deparment, or click here to submit a transfer re-evaluation request.

Decisions concerning petitions requesting course substitutions for General Education requirements are made within 15 working days, and you will be notified by email.

To learn about what information and supporting documents are required with your petition, click here.