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University policy requires departments to collect syllabi for all undergraduate and most graduate level courses every semester and archive them for at least four (4) years. To help with this process, the Online Syllabus Management (OSM) web application was launched in 2016. All academic units within the College of Arts and Sciences use the OSM application to manage and archive course syllabi. Professional school instructors should contact their school or program registrar for information about syllabi collection.

Instructions and Access

To access OSM, please log into with your ONYEN and password.  

All faculty members, including graduate student instructors, have access to upload a syllabus for courses where they are listed as the primary instructor in ConnectCarolina. For assistance uploading a copy of your syllabus, please refer to the primary instructor help guide

All department managers have been given the OSM Manager Role, which allows a user to upload and download syllabi for all courses owned by their unit. Managers are able to assign this role to other employees in their unit via the Common Authorization Tool (CAT), using the employee’s PID and ONYEN. For assistance with granting a new staff member system access, please submit an OASIS help ticket.  

Beginning in fall 2021 OSM will open two weeks prior to current student registration for each semester, and close two weeks prior to LDOC (summer terms) or four weeks after FDOC (spring and fall terms). Department users are encouraged to download a copy of the OSM schedule for future reference.

Excluded Courses

OSM includes all undergraduate courses (numbered below 700) in the College of Arts and Sciences, with the following exclusions:

  • All course sections with ISP and YAP subject codes.
  • Internships and practica with catalog numbers ending with *93
  • Research courses with catalog numbers ending with *95
  • Independent study/readings undergraduate courses with catalog numbers ending with *96
  • Senior honors thesis courses (691H, 692H, 693H, 694H)
  • Lecture sections: Summer Bridge, SPCL (sections 300 – 399)
  • Recitation sections (sections 600 – 850)
  • Self-paced courses through the Friday Center (sections 851 – 860)
  • Inter-institutional courses (sections 900 – 950)
  • Clerkships, fieldwork (sections 975 – 989)
  • Class sections 991, 992, 993, 995

OSM includes all graduate courses (numbered 700 and above) in the College of Arts and Sciences, with the following exclusions:

  • Special topics courses with catalog numbers ending with *90 and catalog numbers 890-899
  • Masters theses, Masters thesis substitute projects, and doctoral dissertations with catalog numbers 992,993, and 994
  • University Registrar reserved courses with catalog numbers 995-999


The Office of Undergraduate Curricula will contact OSM managers (any faculty or staff who have been assigned this role in the system) with notices about open/close dates, reminders, and other useful information. Departments are responsible for reminding their instructors to upload course syllabi by the appropriate deadline. The Office of Undergraduate Curricula may reach out directly to instructors who fail to upload a copy of their course syllabus by the second week of classes.  


For frequently asked user questions, please see below. If you have questions about any class section, or would like to request help using the application, please contact Genevieve Cecil in the Office of Undergraduate Curricula, or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

OSM Managers need to access OSM from within the UNC Network, or else over VPN. Faculty can access OSM from any location.
Faculty members will be able to upload syllabi for courses for which they are the primary instructor. When faculty members sign in to the application, they will see a list of courses for which they are the primary instructor. Each listed course will have an ‘update’ link if a syllabus has not been uploaded, and a ‘download’ link if the syllabus has been previously uploaded.
In its current implementation, both student services managers and faculty will be able to download syllabi stored in the system. Student services managers will be able to download syllabi of courses owned by the unit. Faculty will be able to download syllabi for courses they instructed.
In this case, either PI will be able to upload a syllabus for the course. After a PI has completed the upload, the course will be listed in ‘completed’ status, and the date of the upload and onyen of the uploader will be displayed.
Independent study learning contracts and honors thesis learning contracts do not need to be submitted through the OSM. However, departments are still required to collect contracts and keep them on file for at least four (4) years. A new system to submit, approve, and archive independent study learning contracts is being developed.
Yes. All College faculty-led study abroad courses are included in the OSM. Syllabi for these courses should be uploaded.
No, the OSM will store the original name of the uploaded file. But when the syllabus is downloaded, it will convert the file name using the following convention: Course Number + Section Number + Term + Instructor.
The size limit for uploads is 10 MB. The file types accepted are .doc, .txt, .docx, .pdf, and .rtf. Let us know if you need to upload a different file type or a larger file.