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University policy requires all departments offering undergraduate independent study courses to collect and archive completed learning contracts. To help with this process, in 2017 the College of Arts & Sciences developed and launched the Online Learning Contract Manager (OLCM) web application, where departments can review and approve the standard elements of the paper learning contract digitally. The College is currently piloting this application for the following academic units and courses:

  • African, African American, and Diaspora Studies: AAAD 293, 396, 691H, and 692H
  • American Studies: AMST 396, 493, 691H, and 692H; FOLK 495, 496, 691H, and 692H
  • Anthropology: ANTH 195, 196, 295, 296, 393, 395, 396, 692H
  • Archaeology: ARCH 393, 395, 396, 691H and 692H
  • Art History: ARTH 293, 396, 595, 691H, 692H
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: ASIA 496 and 691H, ARAB 496, CHIN 496, HNUR 496, JAPN 496, KOR 496
  • Biology: BIOL 291 and 292 (effective for spring 2022)
  • Chemistry: CHEM 291 and 395
  • Classics: CLAR 395, CLAR 396, CLAS 395, CLAS 396, CLAS 691H and 692H, GREK 395, GREK 396, LATN 395, LATN 396
  • Communication: COMM 396, 596, 691H, 692H, 693H, 694H
  • Computer Science: COMP 293, 393, 495, 496, 691H, 692H
  • English and Comparative Literature: ENGL 396 and 495; CMPL 496.
  • Environment, Ecology, and Energy: ENEC 393, 395, 396, 493, 693H, 694H
  • European Studies: EURO 691H, 692H
  • Geography: GEOG 295, 296, 493, 691H, 692H
  • Geological Sciences: GEOL 395, 396, 691H, 692H
  • Global Studies: GLBL 193 and 196
  • History: HIST 493, 495, 496
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: IDST 396, 496, 691H, 692H
  • Linguistics: LING 395, 493, 495, 496, 691H, 692H
  • Marine Sciences: MASC 395 (effective for spring 2022)
  • Mathematics: MATH 296, 691H, 692H
  • Music: MUSC 296, 493, 691H, 692H
  • Political Science: POLI 193, 395, 396, 693H
  • Psychology and Neuroscience: PSYC 395, NSCI 395
  • Romance Studies: FREN 296, 395, 691H, 692H; ITAL 296, 395, 691H, 692H; PORT 296, 395, 396, 691H, 692H; SPAN 296, 395, 691H, 692H
  • Statistics and Operations Research: STOR 493, 496, 691H, 692H
  • Women’s and Gender Studies: WGST 393, 396, 796

How It Works

Students are responsible for initiating a learning contract in the system, after consulting with their faculty adviser and department. Instructors are responsible for reviewing and approving each learning contract for which they serve as instructor of record/faculty adviser. Instructors are reminded that they can oversee no more than two students per semester (see the Limits and Exclusions subheading). Exemptions to this rule can be requested in OLCM, or by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Curricula. We encourage all instructors to review the contract carefully before approving. Once the instructor approves a contract it is routed to the department’s independent study coordinator for review and final approval. The last stop for an approved learning contract is the scheduler. This individual (usually a department SSM) is notified when a contract has cleared all approval steps and is ready to be scheduled in ConnectCarolina. 

Access and Instructions

To access OLCM, please log into with your ONYEN and password. We encourage participating or prospective units to download a copy of the system open/close schedule for future reference. Units that miss the semester close date and need to request an independent study late add, please see below for instructions.

Students: Please be sure to have an initial consultation with a faculty advisor before submitting a learning contract. If you have questions about the process, please contact the department’s independent study coordinator or student services manager. Do not submit a request for courses that are not listed in OLCM. For help with the submission of an online learning contract, please see the OLCM Student Help guide.

Instructors: Please review the contract carefully. You have the option to make edits and/or recycle the form back to the student. If approved, the form is routed to the department’s independent study coordinator for review and approval. For help with the supervisor review and approval of an online learning contract, please see OLCM Faculty Help guide.

Independent study coordinators: Some departments have more than one coordinator; in these cases, be sure to review only the contracts for the courses to which you are responsible. For help with the coordinator review and approval of an online learning contract, please see the OLCM Coordinator Help guide.

Course Schedulers: For help with the scheduling process, please see the OLCM Scheduler Help guide.

Training documents are available upon request from the Office of Undergraduate Curricula; please contact Genevieve Cecil, Curriculum Analyst, for assistance.  


The Office of Undergraduate Curricula will contact OLCM users (staff and faculty who have been assigned coordinator and scheduler roles in the system) with notices about open/close dates, reminders, and other useful information. Departments are responsible for assisting students with the submission process and reminding their instructors about reviewing learning contracts in a timely manner. The Office of Undergraduate Curricula may reach out directly to instructors and/or department users regarding specific concerns.  

Requesting a Late Add for an Independent Study

For late adds to independent studies (enrollment requests submitted after the add/drop deadline for a given semesterdepartments must request the review and approval of the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Curricula.  

 As part of this request, departments should provide the following items in their communication with the Associate Dean:  

  • A completed, signed learning contract (includes student, instructor and coordinator signatures) 
  • A completed add/drop form for the student and independent study section  
  • A rationale for why the student could not be enrolled prior to the deadline  

The above items should be submitted to the Associate Dean via email (, cc’ing the Curriculum Analyst ( The Office of Undergraduate Curricula will endeavor to return a response within 3-5 business days and, in the event the late add request is approved, will notify the department/student and submit the signed add/drop form to the Registrar for processing 

Questions about the late add process can be directed to the Curriculum Analyst