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Our current curriculum, originally implemented in 2006, defines and describes the General Education requirements for all undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These requirements are established by the faculty and are most fully explained in the current Catalog. The Making Connections Curriculum seeks to provide all students with…

– Foundations: the fundamental skills that facilitate future learning
– Approaches: Broad experience with the methods and results of the most widely employed approaches to knowledge.
– Connections: A sense of how one might integrate these approaches to knowledge in ways that cross traditional disciplinary and spatial boundaries.
– Majors & Minors: A thorough grounding in a particular subject.
– Supplemental Education: An opportunity for majors to broaden their understanding of their own field through study in at least one other field.***

***Required for all BA majors.

Making Connections One-Page Guide.

Making Connections Curriculum Chart – 2015-2016.