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Effective August 2018 the University uses the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system to submit, review, approve, and process all course requests. This includes new courses, revisions to existing courses, and requests to deactivate courses in the course inventory. All UNC faculty have the ability to submit course proposals in CIM either through the Faculty Portal in ConnectCarolina or via the CIM Courses direct link. For more information about CIM-Courses, including a quick guide, please visit the Office of the University Registrar’s curriculum page.

Submission Guidelines

Requests to add a new course must include at minimum the following items: a syllabus, effective date, and justification statement in addition to the form content. See the Syllabus Guidelines page for more details regarding required syllabus content.

Requests to revise an existing course must include at minimum the following items: an effective date and justification statement. A course syllabus is required for all courses requesting Gen Ed or credit hour revisions.

Requests to deactivate an existing course must include the following items: a fall effective date (to align with the beginning of the new academic year) and justification statement. Courses that have a pending deactivation request cannot be edited in CIM.

All requests should be submitted in CIM at the department level by either a faculty or staff member. Requests will then route through a pre-determined series of workflow steps for the necessary approval. For more details about workflow, see the Review & Approval Process section of this page.

A syllabus must be provided for all new courses, requests to revise or add General Education requirements in either curriculum, and requests to change the number of credit hours for a course. The sidebar menu includes several resources to assist faculty and staff with the submission of new courses and course revisions. Additional questions can be directed to the Curriculum Analyst.

Additionally, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill adheres to the Carnegie unit for contact time: 750 minutes for each hour of credit awarded. See UPM #29 for further details about credit hours.

Submission Deadlines

All materials for undergraduate course proposals, numbered 50-699, must be submitted in CIM by October 15 to be approved effective the following fall semester, to align with the beginning of the academic year, and included in the next edition of the Catalog. Proposals submitted after 15 October will be reviewed during the current academic year if time permits, but may not be added to the course catalog for the following academic year. For deadlines specific to the implementation of the IDEAs in Action General Education Curriculum, please reference the table below. IDEAs in Action Gen Eds can now be requested using the standard CIM course form. Quick guides to using this part of the form are available on the Registrar’s website under “Guides to Using CIM.”

The Course Committee of the Administrative Boards typically meets three (3) times each in the fall and spring semesters to review all undergraduate course proposals submitted by the October 15 deadline. Late proposals will be reviewed as time permits.

New course proposals for the spring and summer terms of the current academic year must be submitted earlier than the October 15 deadline to allow for review and processing ahead of undergraduate spring and summer registration. Contact the Curriculum Analyst for this year’s spring and summer new course submission deadline.

IDEAs in Action Submission Deadlines

DateProposal TypeReview PeriodEffective Date/Notes
12/01/2020IDEAs in Action Phase 3 proposals01/2021 - 05/2021Effective Fall 2021
Approved changes will be reflected in ConnectCarolina with a fall 2021 effective date, but the Gen Ed attributes will not display for students until fall 2022
10/15/2021IDEAs in Action Phase 4 proposals10/2021 - 05/2022Effective Fall 2022

Review & Approval Process

The Administrative Boards of the General College and the College of Arts and Sciences and its Course Committee review the following types of course proposals:

– All undergraduate courses requesting a General Education requirement in either curriculum, including courses from Professional Schools
– All undergraduate courses in the College of Arts and Sciences numbered 50-699

Professional School courses that are not seeking any General Education requirements are reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Curricula, numbers 50-699, and the Graduate School, numbers 400-699.

Course requests should be initiated in CIM by a department user and then submitted to workflow. The typical CIM workflow steps are listed in the following table.

Workflow A, used for:
 – All undergraduate courses in CAS
 – All undergraduate courses requesting General Education requirements
Department or School > CIM CAS Admin > CIM CAS Curr Cmte > CIM CAS Board > CIM Registrar > PeopleSoft
Workflow B, used for:
 – All graduate courses
 – All undergraduate Professional School courses not requesting General Education requirements
Department or School > CIM CAS Admin > CIM CAS Director > CIM GRAD Dean > CIM Registrar > PeopleSoft