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Any change to a requirement in an undergraduate program housed in the College of Arts and Sciences (major, concentration, minor), including adding or removing courses from a course list, must be approved by the Administrative Boards and its Program Committee. This also includes all undergraduate minors at the University. The submission deadline is October 15. Curriculum changes are approved with a fall effective term only.

Changes to undergraduate majors housed outside of the College of Arts and Sciences should follow curriculum review procedures in the appropriate Professional School. All curriculum changes must be approved by the appropriate faculty committee that administers the program.

For requirements and limitations that apply to all undergraduate majors and minors, refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Submission Process

The department/curriculum sponsoring the program must submit the following materials:

  1. Departmental memo (on letterhead, signed by the chair), including a statement indicating the curricular reason(s) for the proposed changes. In addition, provide a student “transition” plan explaining how students will complete the requirements. Note, current students may opt to follow the new requirements, but they are not required to.
  2. Undergraduate Catalog text with PDF mark-up reflecting the requested changes. To create a PDF of the current requirements, go to the program page in the current Undergraduate Catalog, select “Print Options” in the top right corner, and download PDF of the page. For a quick help guide, click here.
  3. If the revised requirements include courses from other departments/units, the proposal should include letters of support from the department chair(s).

Courses must be approved and in the ConnectCarolina course inventory to be included in the proposal. If you recently submitted the course for approval, please mark the course “pending approval.”

Send all materials to the Curriculum Director in the Office of Undergraduate Curricula by October 15 to be approved, effective with the following fall semester, and included in the next Undergraduate Catalog.

The Program Committee generally meets three (3) times in the fall semester and three (3) times in the spring semester to review all program revisions submitted by October 15.

Approval and Notification Process

  1. Proposal is reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Curricula. If changes are needed or clarification required, the department /curricula will be contacted.
  2. Proposal and all supporting documents are sent to members of the Program Committee for review and approval.
  3. If approved, the proposal and all supporting documents are sent to members of the Administrative Boards for review and approval.
  4. The department/curricula is notified of the Administrative Board’s decision by letter. If the committee requires additional information, the Office of Undergraduate Curricula will notify the department/curricula.
  5. The Office of Undergraduate Curricula notifies the Academic Advising Office (worksheets) and the Office of the University Registrar (Tar Heel Tracker degree audit).
  6. In coordination with the Office of Undergraduate Curricula, the department/curricula will update the next edition of the Undergraduate Catalog.