Requests to add or revise an undergraduate curriculum are made to the Office of Undergraduate Curricula and reviewed by the Administrative Boards of the General College and the College of Arts and Sciences. Generally, the Boards meet three (3) times in the fall semester and three (3) times in the spring semester.

All materials must be submitted by October 15 to be approved, effective with the following fall semester, and included in the next Undergraduate Catalog. Proposals submitted after October 15 will be reviewed, but may not be included in the next Undergraduate Catalog.

Send all materials to Nick Siedentop.

Information about the submission and approval process is listed below by proposal type.

Proposal Types

Please feel welcome to contact our office if you have any questions before you submit your proposal. Scheduling a face-to-face meeting is encouraged. We’re also happy to review a draft of your proposal and provide written feedback.