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A General Education Implementation Team is charged with development of an implementation plan that ensures the IDEAs in Action curriculum (approved by Faculty Council on April 12, 2019) has the infrastructure and resources necessary to be successful for students, faculty, advisors, and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Information and Resources

Implementation Team:

Title Name
Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Abigail Panter
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Curricula James Thompson
Associate Dean for First-Year Curricula Li-ling Hsiao
Senior Associate Dean for Operations and Strategy Kate Henz
Curriculum Director (Undergraduate Curricula) Nick Siedentop
Curriculum Analyst (Undergraduate Curricula) Ben Haven
Assistant Dean (Academic Advising) Chloe Russell
Assistant Registrar (Curriculum & Reporting) Michael Keane
Applications Analyst (Degree Audit) Stephen Katsaounis (through 9/2019)
Assistant Director (Degree Audit) Roger Kaplan (added 10/2019)
Senior Assistant Dean (Academic Advising) Andrea Caldwell
Information Technology (OASIS) Andy Lang
Associate Director (Admissions) Jen Kretchmar
Faculty Representative (Professional School) Beverly Foster
Student Representative M. Auriel Kee (added 10/2019)




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