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A First-Year Launch (FY Launch) course provides an introduction to a discipline or field of study that directly relates to a major offered at UNC-Chapel Hill. FY Launch have the same course number as the standard version of an introductory level course, but will be scheduled using the 01F-99F section numbering convention. FY Launch share content and learning outcomes of the standard version of the course, but will have four additional learning outcomes. Effective fall 2022, FY Launch will be a First-Year Foundations component in the IDEAs in Action Curriculum. All incoming fall 2022 first-year students will be required to complete either a FY Launch or First-Year Seminar (FY Seminar) in the first year of their undergraduate career.


  • FY Launch are a version of an already existing introductory level course in a department’s inventory. FY Launch share the same course number as the standard version, but are scheduled using the 01F-99F section number range.
  • The option to offer a FY Launch version of a course must be approved in the Course Inventory Manager (CIM) prior to the first offering.
  • FY Launch must be taken for credit and for a grade (for a minimum of three credits).
  • FY Launch enrollment capped at 35 students.
  • FY Launch must fulfill a requirement in a major (e.g., gateway, core requirement, or elective requirement) and may fulfill a Focus Capacity.
  • FY Launch are introductory-level courses, and they are structured for first-year students with no prior college experience. FY-Launch are not open to transfer students or students who have already completed their first year at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • FY Launch are taught by full-time faculty members.
  • FY Launch build students’ communication skills.
  • FY Launch typically incorporate student-centered active learning strategies and include some or all of the following: small group projects, low stakes assessments, more intensive interaction between the instructor and the students, and feedback from the instructors on students’ work inside and outside the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Connect with a faculty member early in the educational process.
  2. Learn intensively among a small cohort of students.
  3. Apply methods for how scholars pose problems, discover solutions, resolve controversies, and evaluate knowledge.
  4. Analyze and communicate issues associated with a broad, introductory topic covering a wide range of knowledge.

General Education Curriculum Implementation

Curriculum Year/Term General Education Requirements
IDEAs in Action Beginning Fall 2022 FY Launch fulfills the FY Seminar/FY Launch requirement; may fulfill a Focus Capacity.

Instructions for Submitting a Course

Departments with FY Launch minimums may submit requests to add the FY Launch designation to any introductory course that fulfills a requirement in their major (e.g., gateway, core requirement, or elective requirement) through the Curriculum Inventory Manager (CIM Courses).

For Faculty

  1. Log into ConnectCarolina
  2. Navigate to “Student Administration” and then “My Schedule” in your Faculty Portal.
  3. Click on the link “CIM Propose or Revise a Course”
  4. Search for the introductory-level course to which you would like to add the FY Launch designation and select “Edit Course”
  5. Scroll down to “Curriculum Requirements” and check “IDEAs in Action Gen Ed Curriculum” box
  6. Select “First-Year Launch” checkbox, check all learning outcome boxes and use the “Justification Statement” section to describe how the course will meet the four FY Launch learning objectives
  7. Attach an FY Launch syllabus that addresses the learning outcomes. Make sure there is clear alignment between the Student Learning Outcomes and the course assignments/activities/readings
  8. Click on the “Start Workflow” button at the bottom of the CIM form

For Staff

  1. Go to the Curriculum Inventory Management page, scroll down to “Login Information/Staff”, select “CIM Courses”, and log in with ONYEN and password
  2. Complete steps 4-8 above

Scheduling FY Launch Class Sections in ConnectCarolina

Once the FY Launch designation is approved in CIM, the department will have the option to offer the course as a standard offering or an FY Launch. The FY Launch will share the subject code and catalog number of the regular course, but when an FY Launch class is scheduled, the department will use a section number range that is specific to FY Launch offerings only. The section number range for FY Launch is 01F – 99F. Please note: departments with minimums do not need to schedule FY Launch sections until AY 2022-23.

Additional Resources for Course Development

  • For support in incorporating student-centered active learning strategies, contact the Center for Faculty Excellence or Kelly Hogan, Associate Dean for Instructional Innovation:
  • The Center for Faculty Excellence’s Course Design Institute is a structured sequence of workshops, activities, and working sessions held over a 3-day period (12 contact-hours overall) where a small cohort of instructors—generally between six and fourteen colleagues—use the “backward design” approach to develop their upcoming courses.


  • Questions about FY Launch development: Associate Dean for First-Year Curricula, Li-ling Hsiao (
  • Questions about FY Launch submissions, scheduling, and registration: First-Year Curriculum Specialist, Ben Haven (
  • Questions about FY Launch minimums: Li-ling Hsiao or Ben Haven