Fall Course Evaluations open for select laboratory courses on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

Fall Course Evaluations open for all courses on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Fall Course Evaluations close at 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

Course Evaluation reports will not be released to instructors until after the final due date for grades to be turned in for the semester.

The primary purpose of course evaluations is to help instructors improve their courses and their teaching.  Course evaluations are also used as part of instructor evaluations.  Instructors and administrators take these evaluations seriously, so we encourage all students to take the time to complete their evaluations in a thoughtful and honest manor.

Blue Course Evaluation System (used by all College departments beginning Spring 2017)

Students will receive an email invitation with a direct link to their list of open evaluations on the day evaluations open, as well as periodic reminders until they have completed all evaluations.

Course evaluations can be accessed via ConnectCarolina.

The Blue Course Evaluation System link can be found under SelfService on the left when you login.  This will take you to your Blue Dashboard which will display all available course evaluations from across the university.

Course evaluations can be accessed via Sakai (if you login with your onyen).

Students will see a “Course Evals” option on the left-hand menu in Sakai. Clicking on that option will show their course evaluations within the Sakai environment.

Students can also access the Blue Course Evaluation System directly using your onyen and password to log in at this url: https://blueeval.unc.edu/Blue/.

If you are having trouble accessing any course evaluations (be it in the College or a professional school) please contact the support team at blueevalhelp@unc.edu.

The eXplorance Blue Course Evaluation System has built in security features that protect student anonymity.  On reports released to instructors and department administrators your responses will not be connected to your identity and neither will your free-response comments be connected to your other responses, however, your free-response answers will be shared in full on course evaluation reports.  Please be aware that responses to course evaluations are governed by the University Honor Code.

Course evaluation reports are delivered to instructors approximately 1-2 weeks after the last final grades are due for the semester.  They receive a report containing the breakdown of quantitative response data as well as free-response answers.  These reports are also shared with department administrators including Department Chairs, Department Lab Managers, and other Chair designated department administrators for the purpose of evaluating instructor’s teaching and in this capacity are considered protected HR documents.