Instructor Question Personalization opens Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 8:00am.

Instructor Question Personalization close Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 11:59pm.


Select Laboratory Section Course Evaluations open on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

All Course Evaluations open on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Course Evaluations close at 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 6, 2017.


Course Evaluation response rates will be available to Instructors through their Blue dashboard during the entire open evaluation period.

Course Evaluation reports will not be released to instructors or departments until after the final due date for grades to be turned in for the semester.  Reports are usually delivered 1-2 weeks after the last final exam is held.  Maymester reports are delivered with Summer I reports after the Summer I exams have completed.

The College’s primary purpose for course evaluations in to improve instruction.  The secondary function of course evaluations is for administrative use as part of teaching evaluations.


Course evaluations can be accessed via ConnectCarolina, by students.

The Blue Course Evaluation System link can be found under SelfService on the left when you login.  This will take you to your Blue Dashboard which will display all available course evaluations from across the university.

Course evaluations can be accessed via Sakai by students(if you login with your onyen).

Students will see a “Course Evals” option on the left-hand menu in Sakai. Clicking on that option will show their course evaluations within the Sakai environment.


Course evaluation reports, question personalization, and response rates can be accessed via ConnectCarolina by staff, faculty, and TAs listed as instructors.

The Blue Course Evaluation System link can be found under the Student Administration menu on the left when you login.  This will take you to your Blue Dashboard which will display any open tasks (question personalization, response rate viewing) and any available reports (present and past).


All campus users can also access the Blue Course Evaluation System directly using your onyen and password to log in at this url:

The College is now using the Blue Course Evaluation System to evaluate courses.

Each semester instructors will receive 1-3 emails with a direct link to access their courses’ response rates.

Instructors can also log into Blue at any time via ConnectCarolina.  The Blue Course Evaluation System menu option will appear under Self Service and/or Student Administration in the left hand menu.  This will take you to the Blue Dashboard which will show open tasks and have an option for checking response rates.

The Blue Course Evaluation System includes a feature which allows instructors to add personalized questions to their end of course evaluations.  Access to this feature is granted by the department.  Any instructor who has been granted access will receive an email from the system approximately two weeks prior to course evaluations with the dates for adding questions.

Step-by-step instructions for how to add questions to your evaluations can be found here.

If you have questions about your inclusion or exclusion from this feature, please speak with your department’s course evaluation coordinator and/or your chair.

If you have questions about how to use this feature, please contact Heather Thompson, the College Course Evaluation Coordinator.

We have posted the instruments currently being used by College departments (please see below section) for those who wish to review the current questions before selecting thier additional questions.

What questions will be asked of students on end of course evaluations varies by department or curriculum.  To check what questions are being asked on your evaluation, please use this guide.

Please be aware that cross-listed courses will use the instrument assigned to the owning (sponsoring) section of the cross-list, which is determined based on the offering number in ConnectCarolina.  If you have any questions about what instrument will be assigned to your course, you can contact

The Blue Course Evaluation system was used to evaluate all College courses beginning in Spring 2017.  It was also used for four pilot departments in Fall 2016 (Art, Economics, Mathematics, and German and Slavic Languages and Literatures).  All evaluations in the Blue Course Evaluation System will remain available to instructors and department administrators for both web viewing and PDF download.  If you are an instructor and do not have access to a one of your course evaluation reports, please contact with the course subject, number, section, and semester for assistance.

Course Evaluations for the College were managed through Class Climate from Fall 2014 until Fall 2016.  If you need a copy of your course evaluation report for any course taught between Fall 2014 and Fall 2016, please email with the instructor’s first and last name, the course subject, number, and section, and what semester it was taught.  A PDF copy of the evaluation report will then be emailed to you.

For course evaluation reports from prior to Fall 2014, report archives are maintained by the department.  Please contact your department regarding who maintains this archive.

Digital Measures, the system used prior to Class Climate, was implemented for departments starting in 2009 (implementation dates vary) and ran through Summer 2014.  The Digital Measures site was taken down in early spring 2015, and unfortunately, course evaluation coordinators no longer have access to the dashboard to pull reports for course evaluations prior to fall 2014.  The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) still has the raw data, and may be able to give you a file with your course’s data.  Please reach out to Garrett Hirth in OIRA for further assistance.

Prior to Digital Measures implementation course evaluations were processed through paper forms and managed by individual departments.