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In Spring 2020 a shorter versions of the College’s Standard Evaluation Instrument was used and the question list continued to be refined over the next several terms. The below PDF files reflect the Standard College of Arts & Sciences Instrument and Department and Program Additional Questions as of Fall 2021.

College of Arts & Sciences Standard Instrument (Fall 2021)

Departments with Additional Questions Added:

First Year Seminar Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Art HIstory Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Studio Arts Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Art TA Led Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies-Content Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies-Language Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies-Recitation Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Biology TA Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Chemistry Lab Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

ECON 101 Recitations Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

English and Comparative Literature-General Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

English and Comparative Literature-Writing Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

History-Graduate Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

History-Lecture Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

History-Recitation Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Mathematics Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Music-Course Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Music-Graduate Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Music-Performance Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Philosophy Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Political Science-Graduate Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Political Science-TA Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Political Science-Undergraduate Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Psychology & Neuroscience-Graduate Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Psychology & Neuroscience-Undergraduate Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Peace, War, and Defense Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Romance Studies-A Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

Romance Studies-X Additional Questions (Fall 2021)

The below PDF files reflect the instruments that were in use in Fall 2019 and prior.  We will be updating this page to reflect more recent versions of the instrument as soon as we are able.  In the meantime, course instructors can leverage the Question Personalization feature to see a preview of the specific questions to be asked for each of their courses.  They will receive an email about this feature one week prior to evaluations opening to students.


All First Year Seminars use a specialized instrument, regardless of the subject or department that houses the course.  You can view the First Year Seminar Instrument here.

Departments That Use the Standard College of Arts & Sciences Evaluation Instrument:

Click here to view a PDF of this instrument.

Aerospace Studies

African, African American, and Diaspora Studies

American Studies


Applied Physical Sciences

Archaeology (curriculum)

Biology (See exceptions on right)

Biomedical Engineering

Chemistry (See exceptions on right)

City and Regional Planning



Computer Science

Dramatic Art

Economics (See exceptions on right)

Environment and Ecology (curriculum)

European Studies, Contemporary (curriculum)

Exercise and Sport Science


Geological Sciences

Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Global Studies (curriculum)

Latin American Studies (curriculum)


Marine Sciences

Military Science

Naval Science

Physics and Astronomy

Psychology and Neuroscience (See exceptions on right)

Public Policy

Religious Studies


Statistics and Operations Research

Women’s and Gender Studies

Departments with Specialized Instruments:

Click on Instrument name to view a PDF.


Art History Instrument

Studio Art Instrument

Art TA Led Instrument

Asian Studies:

Asian Studies Content Instrument

Asian Studies Language Instrument

Asian Studies Recitation Instrument


Biology TA Instrument

(See standard College instrument for all other Biology courses)


Chemistry Lab Instrument

(See standard College instrument for all other Chemistry courses)


Economics 101 Recitation Instrument

(See standard College instrument for all other Economics courses)

English & Comparative Literature:

English and Comparative Literature Instrument

English Writing Course Instrument


History Graduate Instrument

History Lecture Instrument

History Recitation Instrument


Mathematics Instrument


Music Course Instrument

Music Graduate Instrument

Music Performance Instrument

Peace, War, & Defense:

Peace, War, and Defense Instrument


Philosophy Instrument

Political Science:

Political Science Graduate Instrument

Political Science Undergraduate Instrument

Political Science Teaching Associate Instrument


Psychology Graduate Instrument

(See standard College instrument for all other Psychology courses)

Romance Studies:

Romance Languages Instrument A (usually used for language courses)

Romance Languages Instrument X (usually used for content courses)

If you are unsure what instrument is assigned to your course, contact your department’s course evaluation coordinator or email

Page last updated Fall 2021.