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Below are links to the lists of approved courses for Foreign Language (FL) and Quantitative (QR/QI) General Education Course Substitutions.

Students must be approved by the Course Substitution Committee to use these courses to fulfill General Education requirements.  Information on the process and the submission form are available on this website.

All current students with approval may use the current approved course list which is maintained in the University Catalog.  One of the “print” options on Catalog pages is a downloadable PDF.

Students approved for a QR/QI substitution have the option to take QI Approaches courses to complete the QR Foundations requirement.

Students approved in prior years may use any course list effective on or after their approval date.  If you have any questions about which course list(s) you are approved to use, please contact Heather Thompson for clarification.

Archived Approval Lists:

Approved FL and QR/QI Course Substitution Lists (Effective Fall 2020)

Approved FL and QR/QI Course Substitution Lists (Effective Fall 2019)

Approved FL and QR/QI Course Substitution Lists (Effective Spring 2019)

Approved FL Substitution Courses (Effective February 2013)

Approved QR/QI Substitution Courses (Effective January 2015)